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Find vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian friendly restaurants in
New York City and London via our apps for iOS


Vegan and vegetarian NYC at your fingertips

HealthyMap shows options for vegan restaurants in the neighborhood, health food stores while on holiday or vegetarian friendly restaurants for your business trip.


    Coolest veggie places in London

    Find the best vegetarian and vegan eats in London. HealthyMap will be the perfect companion for both visitors or local London residents!


    Veggie options near you

    Both our apps give you vegan, vegetarian and vegetarian friendly options near you as you are walking around exploring NYC or London.

    Search by address

    Search for a restaurant or health food store by typing the address, name or zip code. Or drop a pin the area you want to go. 

    Always now how near or far you are

    Both apps are designed with a simple, zen inspired interface to make your experience even better.


    What You Get

    By Location

    Find what veggie restaurants are near you

    Search by address

    Find the place to eat by address or zip code 

    View detail

    We write a little intro on every venue in our list. Plus we add the obvious details you will want to know – address, contact details and a link to their website

    Simple and clear design

    Our design is simple, easy to use and friendly for the eye. We like to say we have a zen-inspired  user interface. We hope you agree.

    Comprehensive help

    Learn all the features of our apps quickly with our help pages that are always accessible. 


    With an integrated weather forecast in both Celsius and Fahrenheit exploring these cities has become even easier.

    Get Started!

    Enjoy all these features

    • find vegetarian and vegan venues in London or New York City
    • know where you can find your nearest health food store 
    • search the options nearby you
    • or around Central London/Grand Central Station of NYC
    • just type a zip code or address 
    • or – easiest ever – just drop a pin!
    • if you to bring non-vegetarians we have veggie friendly options in our list too
    • the latest weather forecast is just one of those useful extra features we like to add
    • made by vegetarians  for vegetarians